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Roof styles

Renowned for their strength, our roofs are constructed with carefully selected timber (the rafters are a minimum of 150mm x 50mm and up to 200mm x 50mm, depending on frame and usage). Select your roof covering from clay nib tiles (new machined, handmade or reclaimed), cedar shingle, natural slate and thatch.

Catslide buildings have a ridge height of just below 4 metres, which can be of benefit when it comes to planning permission.

Full hip ends RoofStyles_full-hip-ends-with-a-catslide_rev
Full hip ends Full hip ends with a catslide
Barn hip ends RoofStyles_barn-hip-ends-with-a-catslide_rev
Barn hip ends Barn hip ends with a catslide
Gable ends RoofStyles_gable-ends-with-a-catslide-_rev
Gable ends Gable ends with a catslide